Eagle Lake's 2019 season is winding down, but there's still time to squeeze out a little last-minute fishing on the lake, so make your reservations now!




Photo is only an example and may not be the selected sites.

Seasonal RV Sites are a Vacation Home in the pines at Eagle Lake. Come and go as you please, save money and time, no set-up, no pack-up, just show-up and enjoy. This is an exceptional value for your dollar.

(Photo is only an example and may not be the selected sites.)

In response to the high demand, we are offering a limited number of selected sites.
Call for details.

In addition to RV and tent camping sites, we have a number of deluxe cabins that will accommodate from 1 to 6 persons and are like a home away from home. All are equipped with fully equipped kitchens, bathroom, living area and comfortable beds! Just bring your personal items. 


Eagle Lake RV Park is accessible by plane! We have a 5000' runway just across the frontage road in front of the park. Fly in, relax for a weekend, and fly out!

Eagle Lake RV Park will be renting bicycles starting with the 2019 season so you can take a leisurely ride around the lake and take in the beautiful surroundings.


Animals you may see here

  • Birds: Bald eagles winter here and nest in the nearby Jeffery pine forest. White pelicans, western grebes, great blue herons, osprey, and many diving ducks feed on fish in the lake. Valley quail live in brushy and grassy areas.

Fish with NorthState Guide Service and receive a 10% Discount on your stay at Eagle Lake RV Park.